Hi, how r you? 

Fourty eight past seven, the exact time i start write this post. I start remember whatever interesting to be posted in my first threat, and then I gave up, i couldn’t find something interesting here (my brain) in fact I’ve never do something memorable such as traveling, doing excercize, make an invention, or joining a couple finder site. I’m Alan, 22 years old, live in Kediri the great city which is well known as Tofu City and we have big cigarret company and I wouldn’t mention it’s name because they didn’t pay me for the endorsement yet.
Having a good day is what I want for today, only that. I have been trough many bad days before. I have my back hurted, I have pain on my toe, sometimes my cats piss on the floor, and one day they force me to rob national bank. And I ignore their request as I did when I read a license and agreement. I still trying to write more words, and sorry if I have bad English, it’s not my daily language. 

Main point of this post is, I just wanna say, how are you? I hope you have a better day than mine, and you could share your day with me. 

This is only simple introduction of me, and I hope you will visit my blog again and again, I really appreciate it. 

See you later.